September 29, 2011

Redemption's Song

Acting like a stranger…flirting hard with danger…
baby born in manger came to rescue you…
and ME.
Never had a backbone,
in the status “all alone”
scared to touch the unknown –
don’t deny, you know it’s true –
but baby born in manger came to rescue you.

A man who knew no sin,
becoming the example,
touching all the souls society sought to trample –
removing judgment stamps from frazzled – lonely, beings –
and if that wasn’t enough –
a raging wind — blew out the candle –
of His life…

Yet the man the cross once bore,
yes the one who knew no sin,
love personified in skin – can touch within and
HEAL all hurts now caving in – on you,
and make you brand new –
shiny penny bright, drawing the light –