February 06, 2012

On The Edge...

I am on auto pilot - at least that's how it seems.  God's ways are just phenomenally wonderful. They keep me on the edge - you just never know what He's going to do next until it begins to unfold like soft petals on a rosebud, and the finished product is greater than anything you could ever imagine - simply beautiful.

There is this excitement in my spirit - like when you get the hint that a surprise is coming but you don't know what or when - because the organizers are really good at keeping a secret - that kind of excitement. You become acutely aware of everything going on around you, and so there is very little that you miss.

I am pleased with the evolution of creativity - songwriting, artistic views, innovative ideas - and that has caused the greatest expectation for the project I am working on.

Everyday God brings someone or something to my attention, and I add it to the growing list that is slowly becoming a plan - His plan.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am "sitting on the edge of life" - enjoying the view, knowing that the best is yet to come.