April 06, 2015

The Best Gift Ever!

I published my first book a few months ago, titled Pour the Oil. It feels great, and though the process had many challenges; I would not change anything about it. 

When I first began writing, it was amazing. There was an easy, continuous flow. I needed a tape recorder when I was driving, and ample sheets of paper and pen handy at all times.  Words flowed at a rate which created exhilaration.  It almost felt like someone else was having the experience. 

I kept thinking, "This is happening; I am really writing a book." As the writing progressed, I thought, "This is work. This is hard," but no matter how battered my spirit felt from the emotional journey, I kept going. It was an assignment from God. As relevant truths were revealed in the words I penned, I felt myself going through a transformation. 

Writing is not for the faint-hearted. You have to be completely committed to your work. Without that commitment, you wind up with unfinished manuscripts. There came a point when it seemed like the journey was a daily uphill climb, fighting for time and space; yet I could not still my mind. It took fourteen months to complete the first draft of Pour the Oil, and another seven months before I was done with editing, cover design, manuscript formatting and publication. I healed, I learned, I understood, I grew. 

The rewrite process was an eye opener. By the second draft I'd shaved more than twenty thousand words from the manuscript and another few thousand by the third draft. When my Editor was done, there was still more shaving to do. I never felt like giving up, but I felt every bit of the effort required to get to the finish line.

The process was my best gift. I also benefited mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  I am looking forward to more growth as I continue to live this arduous and fulfilling journey as a writer. Be encouraged. Don't give up in the process. Your best gift is on its way.