September 15, 2015

Constant Companions

Sweet words,
Constant companions.
They calm or stir,
force guilt,
or joy,
peace, anger -
Sweet words,
Constant companions.

Craftily woven
they create a
tapestry which
bends the ear and
draws the heart
unraveling tales,
Sweet words,
Constant companions.

Can I live
without them?
This I'll never know
When I wake up
or go to bed
They're always there
breathing, new life
Like Bible verses
truth rings clear -
Sweet words,
Constant companions.
I'll never let them go.

September 09, 2015

No Other Choice

I juggle daily.

When will I be able to get back to my manuscript? It is on my calendar, yet I struggle. Many writers understand this challenge. We have full time jobs, families and writing goals, among other things. The to do lists grow by the minute. To consistently persist until writing goals are reached is a constant choice. The journey from start to finish requires successful time management - and resolve.

The first thing which keeps me sane and moving is the fact that writing is my calling. The second, it is a passion that drives me. I will never give up, and I will become artful at making time. I have no other choice.