April 24, 2013

Single Release In A Few Weeks

Whew, what a journey this has been - filled with setbacks (really set ups in disguise). I have learned that you can never go wrong waiting on God's timing. Finally, the production of my sophomore project is in full swing. Several years ago I decided that the project would be titled Live Right, and God said "no it's not", but He did not say it right away; He just gently guided me in a new direction in the midst of my process.

 The title song of the project is called Intimacy, and God took me on a journey, not only to draw me, but to increase my heart's cry for more of Him. That is what the song is all about, no surface relationship - but something deep, expansive and meaningful.

The song will be released in a few weeks. Copyright in place, recording, mix and mastering is complete - photo shoot complete and pictures in hand, just wrapping up the packaging, etc. You will be the first to know the actual release date, so stay tuned.