September 25, 2012

Silent Witness

Open your eyes
to the plight of your brother
Open your eyes
to the pain of your sister
Open your eyes
to the shame on your children
Open your eyes and SEE
How can you be -
    so blind - unfeeling
Not wanting to know -
   deep wound - no healing
Wishing it isn't - won't
change the fact that it's so
Open your eyes and SEE
Invisible curtain
encasing your heart
Make a decision -
Forge a fresh start
Open your eyes
 to the plight
  to the pain
  to the shame
to what has become the bane
  of your existence
Open your eyes and
    - SEE
 that your silence - kills -
   not just them but you
You will never be free
Not when you're looking
 yet choosing to flee
Open your eyes and SEE.

February 06, 2012

On The Edge...

I am on auto pilot - at least that's how it seems.  God's ways are just phenomenally wonderful. They keep me on the edge - you just never know what He's going to do next until it begins to unfold like soft petals on a rosebud, and the finished product is greater than anything you could ever imagine - simply beautiful.

There is this excitement in my spirit - like when you get the hint that a surprise is coming but you don't know what or when - because the organizers are really good at keeping a secret - that kind of excitement. You become acutely aware of everything going on around you, and so there is very little that you miss.

I am pleased with the evolution of creativity - songwriting, artistic views, innovative ideas - and that has caused the greatest expectation for the project I am working on.

Everyday God brings someone or something to my attention, and I add it to the growing list that is slowly becoming a plan - His plan.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am "sitting on the edge of life" - enjoying the view, knowing that the best is yet to come.

January 09, 2012

Mission Focused

I was reading Matthew 14 recently and was INSPIRED. John the Baptist had just lost his head, and Jesus was so upset when He heard that He withdrew from everyone, got into a boat and went to a deserted place. His grief did not shroud his anointing though. As a matter of fact it somehow seemed to stir it.  As he was trying to find solitude to grieve, others who had heard of the miracles He'd done began following Him, and His heart was filled with compassion for them. He healed others while He was hurting. He fed and served them, and when He was done giving of Himself went alone to pray.

As Jesus was still grieving He encouraged and comforted the disciples. He kept teaching and performing miracle after miracle. This was such an inspiration that I kept reading all the way through to Chapter 17.  It was in that Chapter that He was transfigured before them, when His face shone like the sun, His clothes became dazzling white, and He spoke to the disciples of the injustice of John's death. I believe it was on His mind the whole time, but He kept moving, working, teaching, transforming.

Sometimes the cares of life can wear us down so, cause us to want to shrink and hide until they are all over, but as I read these stories they made me want to STAND in the face of any adversity I would face and represent Him well. He did say that we "are the light of the world---like a house on a hilltop that cannot be hidden." 

There isn't anything you can't face with Him by your side. Resolve today to be mission focused, to "let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."  Sometimes you have to encourage yourself like David did - and at the end of the day get alone with God and pour your heart out to Him. He will restore you and give you added strength for the journey.

2012 is your year to SHINE. Stand strong and mission focused.