June 21, 2014

That's Nonsense!

You are a singer/songwriter. Now you tell me you are writing a book, but I don't hear any new music - that's nonsense. I don't understand what you are doing.

Why don't you focus on one thing? You run the risk of not doing well at either because neither has your full attention. That's nonsense. You will fail. 

What have you achieved musically? You have some songs out there but you are not charting. You have not achieved success in that area, so what on earth could you be writing about. I - don't - get - you!

I chuckle as I write this, because you are absolutely right. It is non-sense. If I only marched to the beat of my drum, the tale may be different.

Have you ever been driven by something - a dream, a goal, a desire. It is there every waking minute, compelling you to act. It remains unsatisfied until you do something. There is an unshakable urge. It is not just in your thoughts, but your entire being carries it - or rather, it carries your entire being. You cannot get away from it. It multiplies exponentially when the act is driven by purpose and fueled by the Holy Spirit. There is no way of escaping (I don't want to).

The truth of the matter is, they are directly related; my singing and the book. The subject matter I have written about came from burning questions about one thing. Each time I am at an event singing/ministering -there are questions about the Anointing.  Another truth? The revelations in this book are transforming me. They are preparing me for the next phase of ministry, and that includes my music.

In a few weeks the final editing process will be completed, and the manuscript shopped. I realize that God-sized assignments are not given unless He has a grand plan. It will all come together and the outcome will be non-sense - not based on what I can see, touch, feel or hear. It will be based solely on what God is saying and doing. When He does it, it may not always make sense to us, but it is always right. So, until he says otherwise, non-sense it is ... and I am happy to indulge. #pourtheoil